Absolute Pressure Transmitter(TG)

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Absolute Pressure Transmitter(TG)

Xi’an HangSi Absolute Pressure Transmitter(TG)

Pressure (Gauge pressure), Absolute pressure transmitter, which contains 3151 Metal and Capacitance Smart Transmitter, 3151 Smart Differential Pressure Transmitter, 3151 Metal and Capacitance Analog Transmitter, 3151T Smart Transmitter and 3151T Smart Simulate Transmitter, are the pressure signal based on atmospheric pressure (or vacuum) , there is only one port to connect the process piping.

Characteristics of Absolute Pressure Transmitter(TG)

1.Adopting the microprocessor makes the device with increased flexibility, and more power.

2.With higher ability of self diagnosis.

3.No influences between the Zero and span adjustment.

4.With perfect remote and on-site 、adjustment function.

5.Two-wire system, communicate With the HART protocol without interrupting the output terminal.

6.With the digital compensation technology, can compensate to temperature and static pressure.

7.Good stability, high accuracy, damping adjustable, strong resistance to one-way overload.

8.Without mechanical transmission parts, less maintenance work, strong resistance.

9.It is very convenient to maintain as with all common parts.

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