Digital Temperature Pressure Gauge

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Digital Temperature Pressure Gauge

Specifications of Digital Temperature Pressure Gauge

The digital temperature pressure gauge

1 CE,

2.measure the temperature and pressure at the same time

TP101/ digital temperature pressure gauge

1 Pressure meter TP101 is specially designed based on the mechanical gauge.

2.Pressure meter adopts LCD display with features of high accuracy and excellent reliability.

3.Pressure meter can measure temperature(C or F) and pressure simultaneously.

4.Pressure meter is widely used in domestic boiler, hot-water pipe and water heater, etc.


(1)Temperature Range:

Thermo couples: K:0-1000℃;S:0-1200℃

Thermo resistance:PT100:-200~500℃

(2)Accuracy :0.2, 0.5


(4)Stability:<0.12%FS/year, <0.3%FS/year

(5)Power :3.6V Li battery

Shape Size: Φ 100mm×34mm

Weight : 500g

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