Fisher 3582i Electro-Pneumatic Positioner

  • Brand   Fisher
  • Type   3582i
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Fisher 3582i valve positioner provides a field proven positioner structure.It has high precision,fast response and can withstand the vibration in most factory environments.Low steady-state air consumption makes it work more effectively.

Area Classification Explosion Proof,Intrinsically Safe,Non-incendive,Dust
Communication Protocol 4-20mA Analog
Data Interface Wired
Diagnostics No
Input Signal Electric
Mounting Type Actuator Mounted
Operating Temperature Standard Temperature,High Temperature
Position Control Modulating
Process Control Flow,Pressure,Temperature,Level
Safety Certifications NIL
Supply Media Air
Other Configurations Contact your local Emerson business partner or sales office to learn about additional specifications or options for this product.
Advantages of Fisher 3582i valve positioner:
1.Flexible module design
2.Accurate,effective and good seismic performance
3.Wide adjustable range
4.Reduce spare parts inventory
5.The positioner is easy to adjust
6.Stable work
7.Corrosion resistance
8.The acting direction can be changed on site
Fisher 3582 series unit can have 582i electro pneumatic converter module(1)to replace the measurement module and upgrade to 3582i electro pneumatic positioner on site.The 582i electro pneumatic converter is attached to the casing of the positioner,providing a very economical replacement.Therefore,3582 series units can be upgraded from pneumatic instruments to electrical instruments in the field to meet the new control strategy.

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