3651- manual Pressure Source

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3651- Manual Pressure Source

3651- Manual Pressure Source Overview:

Manual pressure source is a set of vacuum, pressure of two kinds of source in one of the vacuum pressure signal generator, by a hand pump, booster pump, a pressure regulating and positive and negative pressure switching valve, the pressure output of five parts. To check the pressure (differential pressure) transmitter, precision pressure gauge, pressure gauge, the other ordinary pressure instrument provides pressure source.

Features of 3651- Manual Pressure Source

◆ using food grade stainless steel, military sealing technology

◆ high pressure control accuracy, simple operation, labor saving boost smooth,

◆ create pressure range and a high degree of vacuum

◆ wide adjusting range, high stability

Technical indicators:

Create pressure range: (-0.098 ~ 6) MPa, (-0.098 ~ 10) MPa (range of optional)

Stability: better than 0.02%F.S

Output interface: M20 * 1.5

Working medium: air

Size: 450mm x 370mm x 145mm weight: 8kg

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