Rosemount 3051S Pressure Transmitter

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With the Rosemount 3051S series pressure transmitter, you can optimize your operation in these critical areas: production, quality, energy efficiency, and safety and environment. By leveraging the power of the scalable Rosemount 3051 S pressure transmitter across your entire operation, you’ll be able to minimize process variability, gain greater process insight, reduce maintenance and downtime, and meet regulatory demands. What’s more,it’s easy for your people to use, ensuring you will realize the full potential of your measurement investment.

Fully Assembled Pressure, DP Flowmeters & DP Level & DP Flow Solutions

Each measurement in your operation multiplies your installation and maintenance efforts. With the Rosemount 3051S Pressure Transmitter built on the Coplanar™ Platform, you can simplify installation and maintenance with pressure, DP Flow and DP Level solutions that arrive fully assembled and leak tested. These solutions use a common transmitter platform, user interface and set of procedures, reducing training needs and labor. With these solutions, you will have safer, more reliable and higher performing installations

Combining the Rosemount 3051S flow transmitter with state-of-the-art primary flow elements, the Rosemount 3051S Flowmeters provide improved accuracy while reducing installation costs and hassles.

The Rosemount 3051S Level Transmitter connects to virtually any process with a comprehensive remote seal offering so you can meet your most demanding applications.

Rosemount Integral Manifolds are an industry-first solution that assemble directly to the transmitter without the need for an instrument flange. This unique assembly reduces weight and size while cutting potential leak points by 50%.

Rosemount 3051S pressure transmitter

Features & Benefits of Rosemount 3051S Pressure Transmitter

Begin with the Innovative Scalable Platform

The Rosemount 3051S flow, level and pressure transmitter, the world’s only scalable platform, provides a foundation for integrated pressure, flow, and level solutions. It allows you to optimize performance, functionality, and process connections for your application. This architecture delivers state-of-the-art technology today and a migration path to future innovations.

Leverage Innovative Technology

The Rosemount 3051S series pressure transmitter powers the PlantWeb architecture through our best innovative technology, implementation practices and field intelligence for better decision making to help you achieve unparalleled efficiency and productivity. 


Rosemount 3051S Pressure Transmitter Super Module Platform

1. The Most Advanced Pressure, Flow, and Level Measurements

2. The all-welded hermetic SST design delivers the industry's highest field reliability

3. Ultra for Flow performance provides up to ±0.04% of reading and 14:1 flow turndown

4. 10-year stability and 12-year limited warranty

5. SIL 2 certified to IEC 61508

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