E+H PMP71 digital intelligent differential pressure transmitter

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  • Type   PMP71
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  E+H pmp71 digital intelligent differential pressure transmitter adopts metal diaphragm,which is mainly used in process industry.It can measure the pressure,liquid level,volume and mass of liquid and gas.Pmp71 is specially designed for high pressure measuring applications,with a maximum working pressure of 700ba.With quick setting function and adjustable range.The design meets IEC61508 standard and SiL2/3 functional safety requirements.Provide mid measurement certificate,which is suitable for measurement handover.

  1、Product features and specifications of pmp71 differential pressure transmitter:
  Measuring principle:absolute pressure and gauge pressure
  Reference measurement accuracy:"0075%,"Platinum"0,05%"
  Long term stability:0,05%URL/year
  Process temperature:-40...125℃
  Process connection:thread(internal thread/flush mounting diaphragm);flange(DIN,ANSI,JIS),with flush mounting diaphragm
  Material of process diaphragm:316L,alloyc,rhodium>gold
  Gasket material:none,measuring cell welded
  Filling liquid:silicone oil,insert oil
  Shell material:die cast aluminum,AISI 316L
  Certificate and certification:ATEX,FM,CSA,SIL,NACE,class certification,WHG/spill protection,en10204-3.1
  Safety certification overfill prevention WHG;sil
  2、Application fields
  Dual chamber aluminum or stainless steel(316L)housing
  Process link:thread,flange
  Temperature range:-40 to+125°C(-40 to+257°f)
  Pressure range+100mbar to+700bar(+1.5 to+10.500psi)
  Accuracy error:±0.075%,±0.05%for"platinum type"
  International explosion protection certification,WHG overflow protection,en 10204-3.1,offshore certification

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