Explosion-proof and Induction Electric Contact Pressure Gauge

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Explosion-proof and Induction Electric Contact Pressure Gauge

Specifications of Explosion-proof and Induction Electric Contact Pressure Gauge

Explosion-proof and induction electric contact pressure gauge

1.the pressure parameter detection,

2.automatic control,

Explosion hazardous areas for the instrument, has the pressure parameter detection, automatic control, automatic alarm.

explosion-proof electric contact pressure gauge

Range: 0~0.16; 0~0.25; 0~0. 6;0~1; 0~1.6; 0~2.5; 0~4 ;0~6 0~10 0~16 0~25 0~40 0~60 -0.1~0.06 -0.1~0.15 -0.1~0.3 -0.1~0.5 -0.1~0.9 --0.1~1.5 -0.1~2.4MPa

Control modes: the upper and lower limit of bio-fuels contact switches

The highest working voltage: DC 220V or AC 380V

Contactor power: 10VA

Working location: perpendicular installation



The electrical contacts are fitted into the case of pressure gauges.

- Instruments: SUS series pressure gauges of dial Φ4” & 6”

- Position of contact block: Hiding type - the contact block is mounted behind the dial

- Number of contacts:

  Single contact-normally open, normally closed

  Double contacts-normally open and closed, normally open x 2, normally closed x 2

- Protection class Standard type - IP54, Airtight type or Liquid filled type - IP65

- Explosion-proof class: Exib II CT6

- Lens: Safety glass

- Wiring styles: by Junction box

- Filling (option): Insulation oil

- Measuring Pressure range: 0/1 to 600 kg/cm2 ( bar), 0/40 to 1000 mbar positive, negative or compound range available

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