Rosemount 3051GP Pressure Transmitter

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Introduction of Rosemount 3051GP Pressure Transmitter

Rosemount 3051GP pressure transmitter is after 40 years in power industry of the United States Rosemount Inc test pressure transmitter is one of a series of products. With the design of high reliability, long term stability and easy maintenance. No matter from the design to the installation, maintenance to the operation can be optimized measurement concept.

Features of Rosemount 3051 GP Pressure Transmitter

1.Rosemount 3051GP pressure transmitter series has high reliability, long term stability and easy to maintain and design.

2.Rosemount 3051GP pressure transmitter range is from 0-1.5psi to 0-4000psi (from 0-10 to 0-27580kpa)

3.Reference accuracy is 0.075%

4.Range rate: 100:1

5.Due to its characteristics of light weight and compact size,so that can conductive to realized easy installation and carry.

6.Rosemount 3051GP pressure transmitter can be reached to 5-year stability.

7.Rosemount 3051 GP pressure transmitter application to measure liquid, gas and steam.

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