Rosemount DIN-Style RTD 0065/65Q/65B pt100 Temperature Sensor

  • Brand   Rosemount
  • Type   Rosemount 0065 pt100 sensor
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Rosemount DIN-Style RTD 65 pt100 Temperature Sensors

Rosemount Metric style RTDs are highly linear and have a stable resistance versus temperature relationship. These temperature sensors are used primarily in industrial environments where high accuracy, durability, and long-term stability are required.

Enhanced performance and optimal temperature measurement accuracy is available for Series 65 pt100 temperature sensors coupled with a range of smart temperature transmitters through calibration schedules and Callendar van Dusen constants.

A sanitary offering is also included through the 65Q model, offering sanitary process connections, polished SST connection heads, and greater response time. Every Metric style RTD is part of our global network ensuring a globally consistent, high quality product every time.

Features & Benefits of Rosemount DIN-Style RTD pt100 Temperature Sensor

- Fully potted and sealed wiring connections

- High performance sensor element technology for accurate, vibration-resistant operation

- Callendar-Van Dusen calibration for maximum accuracy when paired with a transmitter

- Accredited, global calibration facilities with traceability to international standards

- Manufacturing capacity for your largest and most complex projects

- Complete assembly of RTD, thermowell, extension, and transmitter

- Wake frequency calculations

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