Rosemount 1151 Pressure Transmitter

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Rosemount 1151 Pressure Transmitter

We can provide Rosemount 1151 types includes Rosemount 1151 , 1151 DP, 1151 GP, 1151 LT and 1151 smart pressure transmitters.

For over 40 years, the Rosemount 1151 Pressure Transmitter was the industry standard in the Oil and Gas, Refining, Chemical, Power and other industries. 

Application of Rosemount 1151 Pressure Transmitter:

The Rosemount 1151 type series pressure transmitter has many different types, which can be used for flow, liquid level, pressure, absolute pressure, vacuum degree and specific gravity measurement occasions. According to the ordering information table to determine the transmitter model, designated as the pressure range, output and transmitter basic structural materials. In addition, such as accessories, certification, special manufacturing process options can be selected.Housing for the two chamber structure of flameproof, weatherproof, circuit board and the connecting separation. Most models, can provide the corrosive occasions the use of the 316L SST C, Hastelloy, Monel, gold-plated Monel or tantalum material. The modular structure and plug-in circuit board helps troubleshooting and reduce spare parts inventory.

Characteristics of Rosemount 1151 Pressure Transmitter:

1. Complete transmission series

2. Measuring range: 0-0.5inH2O to 6.0psin (1.24kPa to 41.3MPa)

3. Solid, plug-in printed circuit board

4. The compact structure, firmness, anti-vibration

5. The machine zero and span adjustment

6. Modular structure

7. Adjustable damping

8. Kinds of options, make the application more flexible

9. Intelligent, simulation or low power circuit

Parameter of Rosemount 1151 Pressure Transmitter



measuring range ratio:


Differential pressure measurement range:

30inH2O to 1000PSI (7.5-6895kPa)

Gauge pressure range:

 30inH2O to 6000psig (7.5-41369kPa)

Absolute pressure measurement range:

150inH2O to 1000psig (37.4-6895kPa)

Intelligent, simulation or low power circuit

Compact structure, firmness, anti-vibration

The modular structure, Yin Nicole, local zero and span adjustment

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