E + H PMC51 digital pressure transmitter

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  E+H PMC51 digital pressure transmitter adopts oil-free capacitive ceramic measuring element,which is mainly used in process industry and health industry.It can measure the pressure,liquid level,volume and mass of liquid and gas.Pmc51 uses vacuum resistant ceramic diaphragm to ensure the high safety of the measurement system.Adjustable range and quick setting make debugging easier and save cost and time.The design conforms to IEC 61508 and IEC 61511 standards and meets SiL2 functional safety requirements.

  1、Basic parameters of E+H pressure transmitter pmc51:
  Measuring principle:absolute pressure and gauge pressure
  Features:intelligent and reliable pressure transmitter with capacitive sensor and ceramic diaphragm
  Long term stability:0.1%URL/year;0.25%URL/5 years;0.4%URL/10 years
  Temperature range:-40 to+130°C(-40 to+266°f),150°C(302°f)for 1 hour
  Output:4-20mA Hart
  Pressure range+100mbar to+40bar(+1.5 to+600psi)
  Accuracy error:±0.15%,platinum type:±0.075%
  Range ratio:100:1
  Enclosure:single chamber aluminum or stainless steel(316L)enclosure
  Process links:threaded,flanged or sanitary connections
  Sealing ring:FKM Viton
  International explosion protection certification,SIL,sanitary certification,class certification
  2、Application fields:
  The cerabar m pressure transmitter can be used to solve the following measurement problems:
  Absolute and gauge pressure measurement of gas,steam or liquid in various process control fields
  Measure liquid level,volume or mass
  Process temperature up to 125°C(302°f)
  Through a variety of certification to meet the needs of applications around the world
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